Brenda Whetsell works for Midland Trust; which specializes in 1031 Exchanges, Self-Directed IRA's and Real Estate IRA's. Brenda is a wealth of knowledge and she goes into some key strategies for both 1031 Exchanges and purchasing Real Estate in your IRA. Here are some of the key takeaways in this episode. 

1. These transactions are CASH transactions, which will give you the buyer leverage (Cash will always be king). 

2. You have to identify your properties and follow the very specific time lines with 1031 Exchanges. Time is not in your favor, but the tax savings definitely are! 

3. Do you know what a "Reverse" 1031 Exchange is? Neither did we until we were schooled by the master, Breda Whetsell! You will NOT want to miss this tip!

For more information, contact Brenda directly either via email or her phone. We are also including the Midland Trust website; which is packed with great content. 

Brenda Whetsell Email or directly at 239-333-4913

Midland Trust Website

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