With 900 people per day moving to Florida, you can imagine that Real Estate is red hot. The question is always what can impact home ownership. During this episode we had the pleasure of talking with Chris Lopez, the Governmental Affairs Director from the Royal Palm Coast Realtor Association in Fort Myers & Cape Coral. 

We start with talking about policies effecting real estate in Florida as a whole, from a 35,000 foot view. We talk about how critical tax revenues are and the economics of real estate in Florida. In Florida at a macro level prices continue to go up, the economy in Florida is good and smart growth is happening.

Chris talks about Amendment 2, which passed as a ballot initiative in 2018 to cap non-homesteaded property taxes - and it passed because of the advocacy of the REALTORS. 

Today we ask the tough questions about water quality on the beaches of Lee County. In 2018 the beaches saw several red tide blooms and had blue green algae. We talk about what has occurred to help protect our beaches and we are proud and happy to report that our beaches in Lee and Charlotte Counties are incredible. 

Another great topic we get to dive into is Home Owner Associations as well as local ordinances impacting vacation rentals. If you are looking to invest or rent your property, you absolutely need to find a REALTOR that is aware of these ordinances and rules of the HOA so that you can maximize your return on the investment. 

If you are looking to buy or sell, please contact Jason Jakus or Eric Grainger. 




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