If you are buying real estate in Florida, do you understand the differences in the contracts used? Today we talk with Attorney Adam J. Stevens, partner at Powell, Jackman, Stevens & Ricciardi, P.A., a full service law firm, that provides unparalleled legal services throughout Southwest Florida.

What is the difference between the Florida As-Is and Florida FAR-BAR contract? What protection and rights do you have as a buyer or seller? Attorney Stevens speaks about what to do to protect you and save you tens of thousands of dollars, like simply having an attorney review your contract and explain it to you. 

What is at risk when you purchase a home? When you put a "Good Faith" deposit down for a home, where is it held and is it safe? What happens if you have buyers remorse? What if there is a material defect, do you get your money back? 

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Southwest Florida, contact Eric Grainger or Jason Jakus. 

Mr. Adam J. Stevens can be contacted at https://www.your-advocates.org or 239-970-6844!

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