Home ownership is the American dream and a way to build wealth. The problem is that sometimes first time homebuyers don't know that they can buy versus rent and in many cases save money. We explore the "REAL DEAL" on First Time Home Buyers with Mortgage Broker Amanda Conder of Community Lending. 

We explore everything from credit score and how you can help and hinder yourself with your credit. Amanda gives some great insight to how you can maximize your credit and what they are looking for when approving you for your next home. 

We also talk about down payment. Some people are convinced that they need $ 30,000 down to buy that home or 25%. The truth is revealed in this podcast with Amanda and what programs are out there for you to get into your next home. We even discovered that in some cases, the money down is equal to your first, last and security deposit on a rental. 

If you are looking to purchase your first home or your next home, contact Eric Grainger or Jason Jakus. We are also offering first time home buyer seminars this year. Jason and Eric are hosting First Time Home Buyer summits in 2019 to help you with all of your first time home buying needs. You will learn about credit, mortgages, what goes into an offer, home inspections, insurance and much more. 

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