On February 28, 2019 the Federal Trade Commission released a report on The Top Frauds of 2018; which revealed that reported wire fraud was $ 423 million in 2018. We got the pleasure of talking with Dennis Egan of Sun National Title in Fort Myers regarding how to reduce your risk on wire fraud and mitigate your exposure when purchasing a home. 

Dennis gave three really excellent tips: 

  1. Verify the title company you are working with by using google to verify their phone number and address. 
  2. Change your passwords on your banking account logins and emails as soon as you get into a real estate transaction. 
  3. Verify where you are sending the money by verifying the wiring instructions. 

We also explore some other topics in this episode about ensuring a seamless transaction - so check it out. 

You can contact Dennis Egan at his office at (239) 334-3321 or check out his website at https://www.closewithsun.com


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