The VA Vendee Loan Program offers qualified borrowers the option of purchasing VA Real Estate Owned (REO) properties with little to no money down. The program is available to Veterans, non-Veterans, owner-occupants, and investors.

Mortgage Broker Mike Bendebba takes a deep dive into this unique program. The top 6 reasons to get involved in this program are as follows:

1. For Veterans, non-Veterans, owner-occupants and investors (pretty much anyone)

2. You can get financing for very little money down 

3. Many of the fees can be rolled into the loan

4. The interest rates are competitive

5. No Mortgage Insurance required

6. No appraisal required

If you want more information about this program, contact Mike Bendebba of Fairway Mortgage at or 240-776-5731

If you are looking to sell or buy a home, contact Eric Grainger ( or Jason Jakus ( for a FREE analysis of your homes value or to get set up on our live MLS website.  




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