I am always baffled when a seller is motivated to sell; but the home does not sell. Well, let's not call it baffled - lets called it miffed. In today's episode, Eric Grainger and Jason Jakus take a peak behind the curtain and have a brutally honest conversation about why homes don't sell. 

When you list you home as a seller, you need to get a copy of the listing before they turn it live for the world to see. You should know what the photos look like, what the description says about your home and how they are marketing it. 

There are four basic reasons why homes don't sell! First, is price. Obviously if the home is priced too high it will not sell. Second is condition. A home that does not show well or that is in need of repairs and deferred maintenance or has not been updated in 20 years will deter buyers. Third is location - we all say it - location - location - location. And finally - the home is not marketed in its best light. 

A REALTORS job is to be that marketing professional that highlights the home and gets the biggest audience of potential buyers looking at the home. During this session, Eric and Jason really take a deep dive in why a home does not sell and the listing expires. 


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